Release date: 11/10/21

Label: Independent

Hometown: Naarm (Melbourne), VIC, AUS

Genre: Funk, Alt. RNB, Jazz, Hip Hop, Dream Pop

Influences: Andre 3000/Outcast, DJ Harrison, Remi Wolf

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Instruments played by Nikodimos on DISASTER:

Upright Piano, Electric Bass, Drum Kit, Auxiliary Percussion, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, DX7 Synthesizer, Poly D Synthesizer, Lead and backing vocals, Electric Effects 

disaster cover art.jpeg

Disaster by Nikodimos is a journey that starts off with you wanting to jump up and dance away the lockdown blues, but as the song progresses, it makes you want to lie down and reflect on how heavy this trying time really is. This song encompasses the stark reality of what lockdown is like for a working musician and for all creatives alike, and the excruciating sense of hopelessness that it brings to be constantly thrown back into these pits of isolation.


Multi-instrumentalist and producer Nikodimos played every instrument you hear in this track. Being able to express himself through multiple instruments is what gives him life during these dark times. DISASTER also features Nikodimos' vocals of which are warm, comforting and soulful whilst being packed with dense harmony during the beginning of the track, and become more skewed and dissociative as the journey progresses into a well of solemn despair. This is a breakthrough song for Nikodimos, as he is defining himself as not just a producer and instrumentalist, but as singer and a solo artist.

MUSIC VIDEO: release date - 18/10/21

The music video is directed, edited, filmed and acted by Nikodimos. It is in the final stages of production. It will be available here soon...

Extra credits:

Production: Nikodimos

Mix: Moses Carr

Master: Robert Downey

Nikodimos Bio:

Nikodimos is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and song-writer from Naarm (Melbourne). Known for his virtuosic command of multiple instruments and disciploines, he is emerging as a cult figure in the Naarm Music and Arts scene.


Nikodimos plays with various acts such as Agung Mango (Keys and Musical Direction), Horatio Luna (Electrified Woodwind), Proto Moro (Electrified Woodwind), Ricewine (Electrified Woodwind and Keys), and Messy Mammals (Keys). This grants Nikodimos with a wealth of experience and inspiration of which is constantly audible throughout his production work and solo material. This is exemplary as his music remains timeless yet fresh with each new release that he puts out.

Nikodimos has been studying music since the age of 3, and has been gigging since the age of 14. Now being 22, music and performance comes as a second nature, and he has been seen on some of the biggest stages both nationally and internationally. 

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Career Highlights: 

- Lokatara Festival in Jakarta with Ricewine 2019

- Golden Plains 2020 with Agung Mango

- Laneway Festival 2020 with Agung Mango

- Selling out Max Watts for the launch of 'Son of Agung' - a collaborative release from Nikodimos and Agung Mango in early 2021. This project was received extremely well with nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify.

- Releasing a record titled 'Protosynthesis' with Proto Moro through colour club records which was pressed to vinyl in 2021

- Selling out an 8 month long residency with Proto Moro at Colour Club (Nikodimos manages Proto Moro)

- Touring Australia with Agung Mango for Genesis Owusu's 'Smiling with No Teeth' Australia tour.

- Runner up in the Haitus Kaiyote x Northside Records 'Get Sun Producer Battle' claiming the 'Best Lush Me-Time Version'

- Over 20,000+ streams on over 10 songs on Spotify

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"Nikodimos has established himself as an impressive instrumentalist and producer, a member of Melbourne acts Proto Moro, Messy Mammal and Rice Wine. Nikodimos - classically trained in instrumentation and composition – likes to veer off the well-trodden path when it comes to songwriting and production." - Sydney Morning Herald, The Age

The track sees Gung swerve between ferocious bars and smooth, crooned refrains above Nikodimos’ blissed-out, flute-heavy beat – with the producer performing all instruments. - NME 

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Nikodimos showcases his artistry by presenting an encapsulating listening experience that’s filled with colourful instrumentation and mesmerising harmonies. - The Local Frequency

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